A Look At The Cell Phone Market . . .

Why the Selfie Loop?

Accessories for cell phones and other Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) have become a $20 billion dollar industry, with the average smartphone consumer paying just under $60 per device to accessorize their phones with add-ons (bgr.com 2012).

The industry is growing for protective cases, flip covers, arm bands, vehicle docs, and screen protectors.

And the market for PED accessories is positioned for continued growth as more developers leverage the existing smartphone market and exploit app capabilities by creating auxiliary smartphone components that are easily integrated onto existing devices.

Additionally, as smartphone and PED ownership continues to proliferate, accessory developers will need to consider users’ desires for streamlined and personalized add-ons which are not only cost-effective, but that add to the functionality of their devices without creating additional bulk or other inconveniences.

One such development, The Selfie Loop, is able to leverage and capitalize upon consumers’ needs for such a phone accessory.

With its low-profile and seamless design which can be easily attached to most any smart phone and PED, the Selfie Loop is a cost-effective alternative to expensive cases and other phone accessories.

The Selfie Loop also offers unprecedented marketing, branding, and distribution integration, making this product the most unique and distinguishable protective add-on in the industry.


Questions, bulk orders, retail displays call or text 858-692-9461

The Selfie Loop materials are sourced, assembled and packaged here in the great United States of America.

For more details, contact Michael Senoff at JS&M Sales & Marketing Inc. 858-692-9461

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